Little Scientist Test Tube Patterns

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Introduce your lil’ scientist to the magic of learning with this Little Scientist Test Tube Pattern set from Legacy Learning. Handcrafted from A to Z, it features 24 colorful wooden balls, 2 test tubes, child-friendly tweezers and 2 laminated activity mats which your child can use to create stacking patterns to match. With the precision of a scientist, this set will give your child a head start on color recognition, pattern making, and improve fine motor skills. This is an original Legacy Learning creation. Order now to guarantee availability. All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.


(24) Colorful Wooden Balls - 5/8" in diameter

(2) Test Tubes - these stand on their own

(1) Child-friendly tweezers

(2) Test Tube Pattern Mats - printed and laminated

(1) Small box for storage of balls

Note: This activity set is not meant for children to use as teethers or chew toys. Please do not allow children who still "mouth" things to use this activity set, as it could be a CHOKING HAZARD. This set should only be used under adult supervision.

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