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Get your child excited about learning and ready for kindergarten with this home school learning kit from Legacy Learning. Whether you plan to send your child to a brick-n-mortar school or teach him at home, our Kindergarten Prep School 6-Week Curriculum will give your child a jump on his education to put him in a level above the other students. Designed to perfection, it features a wide assortment of laminated learning activities and educational materials that are expertly designed by a seasoned educator. An educator or teacher’s guide lays out each lesson plan beautifully. And a lidded plastic container keeps everything organized until ready for use.

A complete PERSONALIZED curriculum set like this has never before been released as one HUGE, all-inclusive, hands-on, high-engagement learning program until now! In just 1 hour per day for the 6-weeks leading up to the beginning of school, we will provide you with themed activities that your child will just love! All together, this set is an over $500 value!

Whenever possible, we laminate the learning sets to create activities that can be utilized over and over again, long after school is back in session, all you need to do it cut! This is an original Legacy Learning creation. Order now to guarantee availability. All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.


- 23-page Parent/Educator Guide: detailed descriptions of each lesson with other extension ideas to go even further
- 7 Pocket File Organizing System
- Plastic Material Box w/ Lid
- (6) Weekly Calendars: a basic guide to how each themed week will be broken down - laminated
- Over (50) Unique lessons with all of the materials you will need - you will only need to provide the basics (pencil, paper, crayons, etc..)

- (26) Letter Focus activities

- (1) Ocean Song
- (26) Sand Paper Letter Writing Cards, laminated
- (10) Sand Paper Number Writing Cards, laminated
- (1) Piece of Sand Paper
- (3) Pieces of yarn for Sand Paper Writing
- (52) Sand Writing Alphabet Cards, laminated
- (10) Sand Writing Number Cards, laminated
- (1) Container to hold sand
- (1) unsharpened pencil
- Enough sand to fill 1/2 container
- (1) Alphabet Game activity mat, laminated
- (1) Die - for use with many activities
- (5) Colored poms
- (20) Numbered ice cream scoops, laminated
- (4) Mathematical symbol ice cream scoops – x, -, +, ÷, laminated
- (24) Blank ice cream scoops for counting or for writing on your own values, laminated
- (30) Numbered ice cream cones, laminated
- (64) Lettered ice cream scoops – capital and lower, including bonus scoops for all letters needed in sight words, laminated
- (6) Blank ice cream scoops for counting or for writing on your own values, laminated
- (42) Sight Word ice cream cones, laminated
- (4) Blank ice cream cones for writing in your own words, laminated
- (1) All of Me Song
- (3) Watch Me Cut mats
- (9) Number lines, laminated
- (1) dry erase marker
- PERSONALIZED Name Tracing activity mat - laminated (please leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- PERSONALIZED Full Name Tracing activity mat - laminated (please leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- PERSONALIZED Name Breakdown activity mat (2 mats if child's name is longer than 5 letters) - laminated (please leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- (2) ABC Order activity mats - laminated
- (1) Deck of playing cards
- (1) Deck of ABC cards
- (1) Deck of Sight Word cards
- (1) Deck of Old Maid cards
- (1) Chalk for use with multiple activities
- (12) Color cards, laminated
- (1) Color Sort activity mat, laminated
- (1) Cookie Sheet
- (1) All-About-Me Robot activity sheet
- (1) Animal Homes song
- (1) Line and Shape Tracing Set, laminated
- (3) Sheets of animal clip art, laminated
- (2) 1-10 Animal puzzles, laminated
- (1) Alphabet Letter Tracing Mat, laminated
- (1) Number Tracing Mat, laminated
- (3) Origami Instruction Sheets
- (1) A For Apple Song
- (3) Making Words Activity Mats, laminated
- (26) Alphabet Dabber Cards
- (1) Bingo dabber
- (2) A to Z Maze Activity Mats, laminated
- (1) A Counting We Will Go song
- (10) Numbers in Nature Cards, laminated
- (1) More than Meets the Eye Number Sheet
- (1) Where I Live sheet
- (1) United States Jigsaw puzzle, 50 pieces
- (2) Connect the Dot sheets
- (1) Color the States sheet
- (2) Map Graphing sheets
- (1) Create Your Own Flag sheet

NOTE: If you have already purchased any of the above items from my shop, please note this at checkout (along with the child's first and last name), and I will replace these items with other age-appropriate learning activities!

This set contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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