Fidget Spinner Math - Multiplication and Division Set

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Capture the craze on fidget spinners, and utilize them to boost brain power and keep your child's mind learning through play!  This set is perfect for mathematics practice while school is not in session.  Your children will be begging to practice their multiplication and division facts! Place the spinner on the included spinner base, spin, and see how many problems you can do before the spinner stops! All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.


(3) Multiplication Fact Activity Sheets - printed and laminated

(3) Division Fact Activity Sheets - printed and laminated

(1) Fidget Spinner Spin Base - printed and laminated

(1) Fidget Spinner, unless option without spinner is chosen at checkout.  Spinner colors and styles may vary from those pictured

(1) Dry erase marker - color and brand may vary

Note: This set contains small parts that could be a CHOKING HAZARD. This set should only be used under adult supervision. Never give children under age 3 (or any children who still put toys in their mouths) any fidget spinners. Make sure kids who are old enough to play with fidget spinners are taught how to play with them correctly and instructed to never put the toys in their mouths. Check fidget spinners periodically for damage. Legacy Learning Academy is not responsible for replacing fidget spinners if any of the parts become disconnected.

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